High Memory Usage (>95%) in Windows 10

Well. That was a tough one to figure out. But first, a tl;dr:

If you are experiencing memory issues in Windows 10, with no apparent cause, and have an Xbox One controller plugged in, disconnect it.

That was hard to say. To those of you who’re now marvelling at the amount of memory Windows *now* claims to be using, and don’t care about how I got there, you’re welcome. If you care to learn a little more about how I debugged this, feel free to read on!

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Metallica – Hardwired… To Self Destruct

So, Metallica have been drip-feeding us tracks from their new album for a little while now. They kicked us off with the title track, Hardwiredfollowed by Moth Into Flame, and shortly after Atlas, Rise! Finally, after a long wait, the album itself is here, in it’s entirety.  I am… Impressed.

I’m going to go into detail about some of the more noteworthy tracks on the album, and then I’ll take some time at the end to sum up.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

When it comes to personal projects, I’m one of the worst people I know for getting things done. I have a bad habit of overthinking things, overengineering things, and generally making things more difficult than they need to be. The upshot of this is that I spend far too much time working out all the possible steps that could be required to solve a problem in the most optimal way, and ultimately give up or move on.

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